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Can you define fascism? Can you explain why some say America might be having some fascist tendencies? Many can not, truthfully many do not know what fascism is. That is probably why our nations citizens do not see how our nation is showing a slump that is leading to fascism. Maybe not full blown fascism but some very similar characteristics. Now you might say, no need to start wearing your tin foil hat I’m pretty sure our country isn’t that bad. You may be right, but recent events show otherwise. Recent events show that even if our country is not leading to a fascist form of government it is still leading to somewhere none of us want to be. A place in which all of our founding fathers ideals and common beliefs will be forgotten. Beliefs in which we use everyday and are told we take for granted. Beliefs that they felt needed to be instated due to their mistreatment by the British. And now it seems recently numerous steps have been done to hinder our rights and beliefs. Sadly it seems there has also been not much back lash.

First we should go over the definition of fascism.

Fascism- A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

How Is our government showing tendecies that mimic fascist ways? Through many recent bills that have been passing and proposed recently. Through these bills the government has gained a substantial amount of power. Although we may not have central authority under a dictator we do have authority under our body of government. A body of government that was never ment to have to much power. Instead, it was there to serve the people and not to gain to much power. Below are some prime examples of how some bills and powers of our government are being abused.

Real ID Act

The “Real Id Act”, which was signed into law not to long ago shows how if our nation changed the way it seems politicians are thinking we would have a government in which we must follow set standards that go against all of our beliefs.

The “Real Id Act” compels states to design their 2008 licenses to comply with federal antiterrorist standards. Anyone not having the proper Id that is federally approved will not be able to access airplanes, national parks and even certain courthouses. Many supporters of the bill have stated that it is voluntary and not a national Id. But if a state decides to opt out it then subjects it citizens to not be able to fly planes or go on trains.

This may sound horrible to you and you might also feel that this can not pass considering we have politicans who are looking out for us. The Real Id Act was attached as a rider on a military spending bill and was signed into public law on May 11, 2005.


Military Commissions Act/Detainee Bill

Another bill that has passed recently by both the House and Senate shows just how easily it can be to get away with war crimes in the current state of our country. The bill essentially allows for so called “terrorist suspects” to be detained much easier and longer. It also changes what is defined as torture and goes against the Geneva Convention rules and instead has given the executive branch how to deal with treaties and rules given. It also throws out Habeas Corupus which allows detainees to seek relief from unlawful detainment. Another part of the bill the “War Crimes Imminuty Clause” allows both the President and his cabinet to be pardoned from any war crimes ever issued against them. It pardons them from Sept. 11 up until the current time.


Nationalism and Racism

Belligerent nationalism and racism are stated in the definition of fascism. Which just clearly stated means hostile patriotism and hate against a certain race. I feel this can be seen today if one looks closely enough. This can be clearly seen in some cases and not so much in others. But the fact that it can be seen or a possibility at all shows the horrible direction our country has gone in.

Recently a group of men were taken off a US Airways flight and questioned. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that they were praying at the airport before they even boarded the plane. This caused passengers and some crew members to apprently become suspicious and they were then asked to be taken off the plane. Also it has been said that the men were then not issued another flight by US Airways. All of this done just because the main were praying. The men also feel this was racially motivated and was unjustly done.


Another event that many say was racially motivated is the recent UCLA student tasering. It would come of no surprise if you knew nothing or very little about this tasering because it seems that there truly is not much media coverage as compared to Britney Spears sex tape. A simple Googe search comes up with essentially no links to concrete news sites if there is such a thing such as CNN or any newspaper organization. Nor is this event talked about much on the t.v., the only reporter being Keith Olbermenn who has mentioned it on his show.

Now to go into further detail about the event. It seems a UCLA student was in the UCLA library at around 11:30PM doing normal studies. He was then approached by UCLA officers who asked for identification. He did have the proper identification but felt he was being singled out due to his heritage(Iranian-American). He refused to give proper identification and then was asked to leave. At first he was reluctant stating he should not have to leave but now witnesses have stated that he did begin to leave. He then was grabbed by police and when he tried to remove the police from grabbing him stating he can go on his own will. He was then met with even more force. Eventually he was handcuffed by about 4-5 officers. One would think that all the officers would have to do is escort the man out and leave the premises. That was not the case. The student was tasered apparently due to not cooperating with the officers. The student was then told numerous times after being tasered to get up. Everytime the student was tasered the officer gave the student a chance to get up and walk out. The student was tasered numerous times and in video can be heard screaming. Also heard in the video is the student screaming “this is your patriot act, this is your abuse of power”. Other students witnessed this act and some even began to question the officers for their badge numers and info. When the students did they were told by an officer to step back or they would be tasered also.

The officer who also performed the taserings has history that shows an abuse of power. Which can be read here. [,0,1459046.story?coll=la-home-headlines]

This is also not the first case for abusive tasering. There have been a flurry of cases in which officers use tasers as if they cause no harm. Which is not the case. This video shows a man who actually is killed by taserings done by officers. []


These are just a few reasons why we should not only question our government but also begin to show it that we will not stand for such bills that hinder our rights. Nor will we stand for the mistreatment of citizens due to the color of their skin. We learned through the days of slavery that is wrong to hate against a race just because of the color of their skin. Just when we were becoming tolerant to others views and racial background. We now have taken steps backwards by fearing anyone of Middle Eastern decent. Through this fear only irrational events can occur. Events in which more hate will spawned that will build on each other and further cripple our nation. We must look at our surroundings now and ask ourselves we are happy with our current state. If not now is the time to do anything you can in your power to be heard and recognized. It takes only one person to ensue a nation to stand up for their rights and to take action.


It’s a growing phenomenon and it’s going to engulf everything we know. It’s called HYPE!

Well, not really. Hype which is defined as (to stimulate, excite, or agitate (usually fol. by up): She was hyped up at the thought of owning her own car.) has been around since anyone can imagine. But recently it has been showing great strides and has been taking normal economical items and creating them into items no one can get It has shown a new beginning almost.

For instance take this product:
Nike Dia De Los Muertos(Day Of The Dead)


It is a great looking sneaker, well designed and very unique. I for sure would buy a pair. But you’ll see shortly why I have yet to.

Now this shoe surfaced on the net not to long ago. Very few pictures and very little info were released. Everyone gave their say on it. Slowly yet surely more and more people wanted it. Just by talking about it on forums like Hypebeast and ISS spawned a swarm of questions and people wanting to buy.

Then it was released that there would be only 200 pairs and only Mexico/Canada release. This caused a flurry of people trying to locate a hook up in Mexico. Now if you were to look up a pair of these on Ebay you can see some go for +500.

How did this happen in such a short time? How did a pair of shoes go from a few discussions on message boards to now being highly sought after.

I will tell you how:

First are some reasons why this specific product is getting a lot of hype among sneaker-heads.

1. Materials
2. Uniqueness
3. Low quantity
4. Background History
5. Specific region release

Now those are all reasons why I feel and I am sure many others feel this shoe has received so much hype. They are all valid reasons too. They all would make anyone want a product in today’s culture that is full of mundane products that are just copied by other competitors and put out as if they were revolutionary.

Now here are some reasons why hype specifically happened for this product, excluding the reasons mentioned above.
1. Interest – When very little info and a few pictures are released for any item it causes interest. Not all the time good interest but nonetheless it still causes something. This is the stage where rumors come up and people say how a certain item will have some crazy feature that they heard from their second cousin.

2. Limited Availability – Now this was stated before but it actually is a very crucial part in hype, especially when it pertains to products. Most people don’t want to wear what everyone else is and at least try to be somewhat unique. So when they hear a product will be in limited release or that it cost $800 for a handbag. They know that not many people will have the product.

3. Everyone Wants It – This may seem to contradict the last statement but it is true. We as humans want to be unique and stand out but at the same time don’t want to be the person pointed at and ridiculed. So in a sense when we are trying to be unique we are actually socially conforming. That can get very complicated and can be dealt with at a later time. But it is no doubt that if everyone is talking about a certain product you will want to know more and see what all the fuss is about. Which may even lead to you purchasing the item.

Now yes this is in part just me rambling about something that has been in part helping and destroying numerous markets especially the streetwear market. It helps

But in another sense this madness actually has reasoning. The reasoning is lets all step back, take a break and look at the product not only at face value but overall. Are those pair of kicks really that good or is it just people jumping on the bandwagon causing a flurry of buyers? Now in the case of the Dia De Los Muertos I do feel they deserve some of the hype they have been getting. But there have been some items that have gotten hyped up that really should of been sold at AJ Wright.


Well got my invite today for Overall I think this is great. Now I have a short url for my blog also this is hosted for free! So I think it is pretty cool now I just need to figure out how to edit some stuff and make it more unique.

Basically what I will be blogging is my ideas and such. This will not be some livejournal blog where I say how much High School sucks etc. But more of a place to get my ideas across. I’m really happy I got the invite and now I need to get some things to write about. So stay tuned.